Laguiole Triple plates "Lapis Lazuli" Artificial Stone by David DAUVILLAIRE

350,00 €
Manufacturer: David DAUVILLAIRE

Laguiole triple plates "Lapis Lazuli" artificial stone engraved by David DAUVILLAIRE


Laguiole folding knife 12 cm in length of handle and 11 cm in length of blade with a artificial stone "Lapis Lazuli"  of top quality.

The spring is massive,  engraved of decorative leaves

The bee is very finely worked and is an integral part of the spring.

You can notice the work of the triple plates in accordance with the work of the spring

Bolsters are steel stainless finish shiny.

The steel of the blade is Swedish sandvik 12c27 stainless steel finely engraved of a leaf of acanthus. The finish is shiny.

All of my knives are sign inside the spring

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Yolande and David DAUVILLAIRE